Friday, January 28, 2011

Dubai Farmers Market

When we lived in Oregon, one of my favorite things to do was take my camera and spend the morning wandering through the Farmers Market, capturing the seasonal produce, taking home whatever looked the best, and blogging all about it. This has fallen to the back burner in the past year or so, but my love for Farmers Markets still burns as strongly as ever.

Dubai Farmers Market

When I heard there was a Farmers Market in Dubai and that it was literally footsteps from our home here, I would have fallen out of my chair if I hadn't been standing up, I was so excited. I was finally awake and dry enough to check it out today (last week I was exhausted and it was pouring), and I'm in love. It's not an impressive market by any means; there were only 3-4 farms there (and a bakery!). If it wasn't so close, I wouldn't make a special trip to go there (there's an organic grocery store in the mall next door too). But it's close, it's affordable, it has a great selection despite its small size, and it's fun!

Cabbage easily as big as my head
Dubai Giant Cabbage

I didn't get to chat with any of the farmers today, but I've heard that most of the produce is grown organically in Abu Dhabi, the Emirate next door. I also didn't see anything too unusual or unexpected - the only thing that surprised me was sugar cane. Just a lot of quality-looking organic produce and stunningly gorgeous baked goods.

Dubai Farmers Market

I'll be curious to see whether and how the selection changes as we move from winter to spring.

I got one of these grape cakes, it was a revelation

Baker & Spice @ Dubai Farmers Market

Baker & Spice @ Dubai Farmers Market

Kachkaval & grana padano are types of cheese
Baker & Spice @ Dubai Farmers Market


nancy@skinnykitchen said...

Great story. Love your photos too!

Jessica said...

Sweet potato and fennel seed sourdough bread?? Want some!!! Ah!

Linda said...

Yum. Those baked goods look delicious!

Unknown said...

Hello Amy. Good seeing you last night at the class and I was right - the flavour improves if you leave the little grape leaves overnight. Where is this farmrs market? I'm a sucker for anything baked!

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