Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thai Cooking School

Last week, my friend Mary and I took a Thai cooking class with Niddy from This was my first time since I was a kid taking a cooking class, and I'm hooked! I can't wait to sign up for more.


The biggest thing I learned was that, with the right ingredients, these dishes aren't as complicated as I had built them up in my head to be. We're lucky to have several fabulous Asian grocery stores in our area, so accessing the ingredients is extra convenient. Thai cooking has been demystified! We learned how to make 5 dishes:

Pad Thai

Phanaeng Curry Chicken Fried Rice

Ginger Chicken

Red Curry Chicken with Thai Eggplant and Bamboo Shoots

and Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango

Mary and I gathered our friends together last weekend and recreated a few of these dishes to show off what we learned. I'll be posting the results (and recipes) over the next few days!


Jennifer said...

Oh how fun to get together to have "cooking school"!! What a fabulous idea! I cant wait to hear more about how each of these dishes turned out! pad thai is perhaps the ONE dish I have a hard time perfecting in comparison to restaurant quality!

Linda said...

Sounds like so much fun. I've been looking for a cooking class to try!

Unknown said...

sweet rice with mango please!

Mary Camu said...

I have been dreaming about the sweet rice with mango since this class. Our renditions were awesome and I can't wait for Italy night! hahaha. Beautiful pictures, as per usual!

Kristen said...

How fun is that? How often is your cooking school?

Rachel said...

Hi Amy, thanks for coming over the Rachel Hearts Food - I'm looking forward to cooking together too!

The cooking class looks like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

A cooking class sounds like a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to your more detailed posts about the recipes - it all looks delicious.

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