Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Vacay

We're heading out today on a week-long vacation around the Pacific Northwest! We'll be camping in central Washington tonight, heading to Seattle tomorrow for a few days to celebrate our first anniversary, and then back down to our friends' lake cabin on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge (east of Portland) for the rest of next week! The cabin is in a remote, secluded area, which means (GASP!) no internet access. There's a small chance I'll be able to tweet from my iPhone (RELIEF!).

View from the cabin, taken last year around this time:
Wauna Lake

I'll dearly miss posting here while we're gone (it's become the highlight of my days), but I'll have a post or two scheduled in the meantime. I'm planning to spend lots of time photo-ing, cooking, and baking in between my relaxing, reading, sunning, touristing, socializing...and eating!

Also? Keep an eye on The Kitchn next Tuesday afternoon, June 30th. Just sayin'.

Amy I.


Linda said...

Have a great trip. It's supposed to be nice here Saturday but might rain again Sunday.
Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

Beth Erickson said...

I hope you have such a blast!!! Happy Anniversary, also. You two have to be the cutest couple I have met! I LOVE your blog, how fun. Your wedding pics brought tears to my eyes, so lovely! I want to try the Strawberry Clafoutis, how yummy! Talk yo tou soon girly!


Anonymous said...

Have fun! I'm very jealous :)

nick said...

The view from the cabin looks so relaxing. Enjoy your time there!

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