Tuesday, May 05, 2009

State of the Garden Address, Part 1

I'm so excited to start sharing my garden adventures. Until very recently, I was certain I'd be skipping the gardening this summer due to some nutsy back problems. After a recent 2nd opinion where I heard from an expert doc what my gut had been telling me, I canceled surgery plans and I'm more pain-free than not for the first time in months. I've also been working with my phenomenal physical therapist on how to keep myself safe while gardening, so it's full speed ahead.


In addition to regaining my back health, this year I'm bringing a new enthusiasm for vegetable gardening in the name of eating sustainably. Of course, eating local/seasonal/organic food is all the rage right now, and I'm gradually figuring out how this fits into my life. Since last year's gardening season, I've grown so much as a cook, from not knowing the first thing about anything to beginning to feel like I have a bit of confidence. I'm genuinely thrilled for the opportunity to grow my own food and eat it too.


I also got an unexpected surprise this week, when we made the decision to have all of the invasive bamboo cleared out of our backyard. This freed up a ~12x12 foot plot of prime, sunny veggie-growing soil. Along with the raised bed that we built last summer, I now have plenty of space and sunshine. So, with all that in mind, here are some spring "before" shots that I snapped around our yard today. I'm hoping to get the first plants in the ground this weekend if it's not a muddy mess from this week's torrential rain.

Baby figs (I planted this tree 2 summers ago, it's finally fruiting)

Baby pears

Baby blueberries

Our trusty compost bin that I'll write more about soon

And, of course, someone who is very proud that he can touch his tongue to his nose

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