Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Only the Most Exciting News EVER

So, you guys. I can finally tell you the secret I've been keeping for what seems like forever but has really only been a couple months. I have the best news to share today:

I'm the newest weekly columnist at Elizabeth Anne Designs - Living!

E. has invited some phenomenal blogging ladies to join the team, and I'm beyond flattered to be amongst such talent. You can find my weekly posts (mostly about food and garden with some randomness thrown in, kinda like Playing House) here, and be sure to take a peek this week as the other new columnists are introduced.

A big hi and welcome to anyone popping over here from EAD, I hope you'll stay and play with me!


Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs said...

i'm giddy to welcome you to the EADL family!!! xox

Rachel Hughson said...

Mazel tov! I am so excited for you! Now I have another place to worship you at. :)

Linda said...

I just saw your first post. Congrats. Looking forward to keeping up with you at both places!

Julia Goolia said...

Very exciting, welcome aboard! I totally felt like I was keeping a big secret forever, too. I'm so bad at secrets.

Sara said...

YAY! Congrats, Amy!

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