Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do You "Dare" Me?

I wrote a long time ago about my secret desire to join a blogging group called The Daring Bakers, and my feelings of inadequacy preventing me from doing so.

I had just been thinking about trying it, when today I came across some fabulous news. The founders of the group have started a new group, the Daring Cooks! The Bakers and the Cooks also have a new home, the Daring Kitchen. Since Andy and I have been making efforts to be a lot healthier lately, I think the baking group isn't really a good match for me at this point. But I could definitely get on board with the cooks. I've also learned recently that the best way to learn a skill (especially in the kitchen) is to face my fears and try something above my existing skill level. Since I'm all about learning to cook these days, what could be better than cooking and learning along with some amazingly talented food bloggers?

So, do you dare me? I think I'm going to do it!


(wife.) said...

awesome!!! sounds perfect for you. I love the picture, too.

(wife.) said...

p.s. Decided to make chili-lime chicken + corn salad (corn, black beans, spinach leaves, red cabbage, lime dressing) for dinner.

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