Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Colors of KitchenAid

I know I wrote a mixer post less than a week ago, but I'm slightly obsessed with KitchenAid and colors. My husband sent me this video about the history of the colors of KitchenAid. He knows me so well!

Via BoingBoing

P.S. Mine's the Blue Willow color. Its name is Little Blue. I have the matching blender, toaster, and food processor. What color is yours?


The Bon said...

Mine is green apple. We have a black food processor. Toaster is an Oster, not a kitchen aid, and it's silverish. No blender at this point. :)

Sara said...

Mine is cherry red. It's the professional series only comes in three colors, and the other two are boring.

I love her. Her name is Sally.

Carlene said...

I have the silver one. But I really want the green one! :)

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