Monday, March 02, 2009

A Bandaid Fix

We didn't buy many souvenirs on our trip to New Zealand, but we did get some nice artwork for our home. Along the way, we fell in love with Kapa, a gallery in Queenstown featuring local artists and designers. We each bought a necklace there, as well as some prints by photographer Eden Ripley. The photos are printed onto 3x3 canvas tiles, and we bought 3 of them to hang in a row.

These are the photos we bought:
image source

When we got home and hung them on the wall in our half bathroom, there were 2 problems. First, they looked too small and sparse. Second and more importantly, there were all kinds of little holes in the wall from where we had hung things before and from where we moved the tiles around. Not attractive.

Since we're handy but not THAT handy, we decided that this wasn't the time to learn how to patch up holes in the wall (though do I hear it's easy. Don't judge!). Instead, we bought a canvas on sale and some acrylic paint, and did this:

Considering it was the first time I had painted anything since elementary school, I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had and how nice it looks. The canvas adds much-needed substance and an extra pop of color. Now we just need to affix the tiles to the canvas and make yet another hole in the wall to hang it up.

If you enjoy pretty things, take a peek at the Kapa online store. They ship worldwide!

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The Bon said...

If you decide you want to patch, we have a big ol' container of spackle that we bought when we rented this place, and I'm not sure we even used half of it. :)

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