Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back In Town, For Now...

We had a lovely getaway this weekend. It's always nice to visit Port Townsend, if only for less than 48 hours. Such a quaint, historic Victorian town with awesome shops and superb restaurants. The digs aren't too bad either, my uncle has a property in the middle of nowhere on a bluff overlooking the water. It's part of a land trust, so the area can never be developed. The perfect place to escape civilization for a while.

Our friends Eric and Shelby, along with their dog Lindsay, joined us up there. The weather was nuts: it was sunny, rainy, cold, blizzardy, warm, rainbow-y, and everything in between during our short stay. It was nice to escape, but it's wonderful to be home. I have one giant paper standing between me and 2 weeks off from school... which, of course, is why I'm blogging.

Now the fun part, pictures!

My uncle's cozy cottage:

View from the deck, complete with rainbow (I will never get sick of this view):

Oliver made a new friend:

Lindsay loves Andy:

Ollie enjoying the scenery:

There are a bunch more pictures here.

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