Friday, February 27, 2009

Kindergarten Pipe Dreams, Revisted

Last July, I made guacamole. Then I took one of the avocado pits and suspended it with toothpicks in a plastic cup, just like I did in Kindergarten. Because I am easily amused. I don't remember what happened with my avocado tree when I was actually 5, but this time around, it's thriving.

Can't wait to throw that baby in the ground this spring!



In other "yay" news, we got an email today that after all of our back-and-forth fighting with the warranty people, Casio has finally shipped our repaired camera back.

In the meantime, I've been wondering what life would be like with a Digital SLR, and trolling Craigslist for steals (highly unlikely). If anyone out there is looking to upgrade or has an old, beginner-friendly DSLR that you're thinking about selling, can we talk? A new one certainly isn't in the budget, but oh boy, I'd love to be able to take nice photos.


The Bon said...

I firmly believe that you can take decent photos with almost any camera.

There are less expensive cameras that give you flexibility beyond a point and shoot, but not quite as much as an slr. The Canon Powershot SX10IS is $340, new.

I got mine on ebay, a couple of years ago. It's done well by me, but I know not every ebay purchase goes as smoothly.

(wife.) said...

I can't freakin' believe your avocado! Amy and the beanstalk! er, avocadostalk.

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