Monday, September 08, 2008

Tap, tap...Is This Thing On?!?

Hello out there! With all this excitement recently and the opening of my (still very fledgling) Etsy shop, Google Analytics is telling me that I have some new visitors to my blog.

Welcome! I'm so honored and humbled that you would even take a second to stop by here. To get you up to speed, I started this blog as one giant "note to self...," not at all writing with any audience in mind. More of a personal journal for my own reference, mostly to document my adventures in the kitchen and the garden.

I've surprised myself at how much I've enjoyed playing in my little corner of the internet, so have decided to relax a bit about keeping my blog such a secret. I'm still going to use it as a way to document things for myself, and if you'd like to follow along, you're more than welcome. I'll be pleasantly surprised if you do :)


p.s. meet the 2 most important guys in my life:


(wife.) said...

Nice interrobang!!! :-D xoxo

Anonymous said...

Its me, I dont really know how to work blogs, my brain doesnt work that way, but I LOVE you new couch, so excited I happened upon that I happened upon your blog while looking at Lara's blog about the wedding, I've literally sent the link to EVERYONE I know because the pics are so beautiful. Just looked at the new cards on etsy too, LOVE! Call u later, Have any ideas for new years themes?

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