Sunday, September 21, 2008

Room for Improvement: Photography

I've blogged about this before, but I think it's pretty clear that my photography skills are lacking. I'm hoping to improve them for 3 reasons:

1. Make this blog more appealing to look at/read
2. Do justice to the items in my Etsy shop and hopefully attract some customers
3. It's a good thing to know how to do

I'd like to blame my lack of prowess in the photography department on pretty much everything but myself: the crappy light in our house, my point-and-shoot digital camera (which I thought was high-end until I realized it won't take a good picture), etc., but that would be a cop-out. Ultimately, until I can afford a Digital SLR (which, from what I've read, is the key to awesome food-- and other-- photography), I'm planning on teaching myself all there is to know.

The internet is full of fantastic resources, tools, and people willing to help. Just a few that I'm looking at today:

*Tastespotting is a 1-stop shop for amazing food photography from all corners of the internet, and I am infinitely inspired every time I look there.

*Nicole of Pinch My Salt has a comprehensive list of links to advice on food blogging and photography.

*VeganYumYum has an especially wonderful tutorial on how to photograph food.

*Kristen of Dine and Dish runs a Food Blogger mentoring program. How wonderful is that?! I'm eagerly watching to get in on the next round.

Any suggestions on where else to look?


Anonymous said...

I'm starting a food photo blog that will hopefully be helpful for people. I have the blog... just need to get a designer to help out :) I'll let you know when it is up and running.

Amy I. said...

Thanks Kristen, looking forward to it!

Pinch My Salt said...

Hi Amy, thanks for mentioning me! You can also check out Food Photo 101 by Nika of Nika's Culinaria and Curt of Bucky's Barbecue and Bread Blog.

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