Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Famous Wedding, Part 3

Just a few weeks before our wedding in June, I decided that I wanted something to wear in my hair for the reception. I ruled out Myra of Twigs and Honey, because although I had been admiring her work from afar throughout my planning, I knew how incredibly popular, busy, and successful she was and that she wasn't accepting custom orders at the time.

Images above by Myra Callan

I decided to email her on a whim to see if she knew of anyone who did similar work that she could recommend. Through some amazing twists of fate, it turned out that she lives only an hour from me and was just finishing up some pieces to be sold at The English Department, a charming boutique in downtown Portland.

After my last class in May (I'm in the MSW Distance option at Portland State University, which required some commuting last year), I was in the car about to head back to Eugene when I got an email from Myra saying that she was delivering the pieces to the English Department that afternoon! I rushed over to the store and got to meet her! I had read on wedding blogs about how sweet, gracious, and easy to work with she is, and she exuded all of those qualities in person too. In the few weeks before the wedding, my head spinning with details, it made me giddy to have such a cool thing happen (not to mention being the new owner of an absolutely stunning piece of artistry to wear in my hair).

I'll never forget that drive back to Eugene, feeling totally grungy after sitting through 16 hours of class, with my new hair flower attached to my head. I swear I looked at myself in the rear view mirror every 5 minutes.

Myra just emailed me to let me know that she posted our Southern Weddings feature on her blog! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to write about us, Myra! I feel loved :)

Here's the link to her post:
Twigs and Honey Bride Featured in Southern Weddings Blog

If you're looking for stunning, unique, handmade floral pieces for your special occasion, please think of Twigs and Honey.

p.s. Unless otherwise specified, images from our wedding that I post here are by the amazingly talented (and the nicest!) Joe Milton from Portland. Can you tell one of my favorite things about the wedding was all the amazing vendors we were privileged to work with?

p.p.s. If you're just tuning in, have a gander at Our Famous Wedding
Part I , the Sequel , and Riding the High.


riya said...

Hi Amy,
You indeed hold importance for Myra. I can feel the joy you would have experienced when Myra gifted you that sweet flower. It looked great on you.


Myra - twigs and honey said...

I rarely get to meet the brides I work with and it was just absolutely delightful to meet you in person! Truly memorable. Thank you so much and congratulations!!! You two are the cutest and your wedding was SO beautiful!!!

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