Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cobb Salad, My Way

On Friday, we had a decadent lunch at Evergreen Indian buffet. It's my favorite lunch destination in Eugene, but I have absolutely NO self-control once I step foot in the door, so I try not to go too often.

After spending the afternoon feeling quite sated (understatement of the year), I was craving something fresh and crunchy. I snagged some cherry tomatoes from the garden (some of the last, sadly) and whipped up a big Cobb salad (with enough protein to make Andy happy), and we had a meal!

I included: romaine lettuce, fresh-picked cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, cucumbers, shredded jack/cheddar cheese, turkey bacon (my first time using it), green onions, hardboiled egg whites.

The only thing missing was my favorite salad ingredient, hearts of palm (I need to refresh my stockpile). We rarely have salads for dinner, but I'm going to keep it in mind as things start to get out-of-control busy soon. Quick, easy, filling, and delicious: pretty ideal.

1 comment:

(wife.) said...

omg, my dad eats hearts of palm like it's his job.

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