Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bread & Jam for Amy

Did anyone else love this book as a kid?

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I was thinking about Frances yesterday, and decided to make bread and jam! I was able to accomplish 2 items on my to-do list, and they went so perfectly together.

First, the bread. I used a basic Bittman French bread recipe (How to Cook Everything is my trusty jumping off point for pretty much anything. I make his first, then if I want to make it a 2nd time, branch out to others).

It came out deliciously , and I'm thrilled that I made bread from scratch (something other than no-knead)! Now that I have the process down a bit, I'm going to plan
a bit more in advance next time to allow for overnight rising, etc. I also want to read up more on the technicalities of it. The bread was wonderful but extremely dense (no holes or air pockets). I'm wondering if that is because I didn't take several days to make it?

Before baking:

After baking:

It was a valiant (not to mention fun and rewarding) first effort and I can't wait to try again! I'm off to research recipes. Have suggestions for this enthusiastic beginner? Leave a comment!


(wife.) said...

meeee!!! And Frances is my mom's name!

I'm doubling up on comments... I don't know the other book you referenced, but Blueberries for Sal did the same for me. :-)

Your jam sounds so good - if I had enough tomatoes of my own or had made it to the market this weekend, I'd totally try it! Oh well, next weekend...

Whitney said...

this my favorite book from my childhood, EVER! i used to make my mom pack me a lunch just like the one her mom packs her with the hardboiled egg. i also recall "running away" underneath our dinner table a few time too :) i still have the whole collection!

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