Friday, August 15, 2008

Risotto, Chapter 1

The inspiration struck the other day to make risotto! I found a recipe online (Food Blog Search) for baked risotto. It was really easy to make, especially using my wonderful Le Creuset french oven. It's blue...that makes everything yummy. Anyways, the risotto is started on the stove, then baked, then finished on the stove. None of that adding-liquid-a-little-at-a-time nonsense.

Andy grilled up a steak, and I steamed up the yellow green beans (um..yellow beans?) we got at the Farmers Market last weekend. I also made a little sauce/dressing for the beans, using rice vinegar, chili oil, and gomasio (our favorite sesame seed/salt combo).

The beans:

All the ingredients, including chives from the garden:

The almost-finished product. I don't have any pictures of the final thing, we dug in too quickly!

If I ever make risotto again, I'd like to try to put some veggies in it. For some reason, asparagus sounds like it'd be delish. Mushrooms would have been the clear winner, but I'm afraid I'd be the only one around here eating it :)


(wife.) said...

YUM!! I am SO excited about this recipe because I love risotto but 1) hate all the stirring and 2) worry about all the butter (yes, I know... stop laughing... but just because I could eat whole sticks of the stuff doesn't mean I don't worry about heart attacks). I am totally trying this when we get back from Boston!

I like asparagus in risotto, but peas are my favorite (giant super-fresh ones...mmmm).

(wife.) said...

oh wait, mushrooms are really my favorite, but we're ruling that out. I hate that I can't even consider mushrooms anymore for the exact same reason. :-( Oh, the sacrifices we make.

Anonymous said...

"It's blue...that makes everything yummy." I'm going to build a new world order based on that idea :-)

Asparagus is excellent in risotto. I'll have to find you a recipe I made once. It involved pureeing the stalks and using chopped tips in the finished product. It tasted and looked great!


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