Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pizza Pizza!

So I'm slowly making my way through this great book. It's called Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. She wrote the Poisonwood Bible, which I haven't read. Should I?

Anyways, it's a nonfiction piece about Ms. Kingsolver and her family, who move to a farm in Virginia and vow to only eat locally for a year. So far, I've learned lots of interesting things and have been convinced several times over that I should do something similar. Yeah, that'll happen. While, in an ideal world, I'd love to do many of the things they're attempting, I just don't have the resources (namely space and money...and a little time) to try at this point. However, I'm really trying to glean little snippets of advice and suggestions for how to make the best use out of the info she offers. I bought milk from a local dairy the other day, and made sure to notice that it is not ultra-pasteurized. I feel good about trying little things like that!

I have a point, I swear. The thing that, for some r
eason, has spoken to me the most loudly so far (in terms of do-able ideas) is Kingsolver's pizza routine. Every Friday, she and her family make pizza from scratch. It's a fun activity that really involves the kids and allows for a lot of creativity and family togetherness. I really think it's such a wonderful idea, and hope that I can establish a similar routine when we have kids some day.

In preparation for "some day,"
I took a stab at making pizza from scratch last week. We've done this one other time, and both times I made the same rookie mistake...I definitely didn't roll out the dough thin enough. Oh well. I like the thick, chewy dough, but it could have been a lot better and I think Andy would much prefer it to be thinner. I had an idea in my head of how it would come out, and it didn't really wind up matching that idea in the slightest, but was an experiment.

I used Bittman's recipe (page unknown,
it's too hot to go look!) I wound up refrigerating the dough overnight, since we took an impromptu trip to see the Dark Night the night I had planned on making it.

Here's the ball, pre-refrigeration:

Toppings, ready to go (fresh mozz, basil from the garden, farmers market tomato, and some smoked gouda for Andy. I added sliced garlic at the last minute):

The fat dough (I rolled it out more after taking this picture, but it was still too thick)...and a cameo of my kick-ass rolling pin:

Aaaaand the finished product:

I definitely want to keep trying with different dough recipes until I find the right one... once I get that down, there are infinite possibilities!

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