Friday, August 15, 2008

Ice Cream, You Scream ...or...a Couchwarming Party

Hey folks! I'm on a blogging spree right now. Lots to catch up on. Yay! SO, last weekend, our new couch finally arrived. Sadly, I don't think I have a picture of it in our house (yet..), so here it is in the showroom:

Of course, now that we had this new couch, we needed to break it in fashionably. Hence, Couchwarming 2008! Really, this meant that Eric and Shelby came over with Lindsay and we watched the Olympics and played Boom Blox on the Wii.

In honor of the occasion, we broke out our new wedding-gift ice cream maker for the first time. I had lots of different recipes and idea
s in mind, and was feeling frustrated at how complicated they all seemed, even Bittman's. Luckily, Andy found a recipe in the book that came with the machine that was super simple and turned out to be really yummy. Like with any ice cream recipe, it was really easy to customize. We made one of my favorites, Mint Oreo! We used peppermint extract, I crushed up some oreos in the food processor, and of course, green food coloring.

#1 lesson learned, next time we'll mix the color in during the f
irst step (using my dearest KitchenAid Mixer) instead of dropping it in the ice cream maker. Otherwise, YUM! I didn't get the best pictures, especially of the finished product, but here's what I did get:

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