Saturday, August 16, 2008

I eat babies

On our very first trip to Eugene for Andy's interview, we were taken to the Original Pancake House by Tim (who would eventually become a good friend whom we would introduce to his fiancee, Beth!). The Original Pancake House is a lil' piece of Eugene history, and somewhat of an institution around here. One of their signature dishes is the Dutch Baby. We had never heard of it before that fateful day in March '06, but apparently it's a real thing.

Anyways, it was love at first bite for me. It's a big, puffy oven pancake that's served with butter, powdered sugar, and lots of lemons to squeeze on top. What's not to like? It's also huge, but I can put one of those babies away no problema. It takes extra long to make at the restaurant, so you're supposed to tell the hostess that you want it as you're being seated. So good.

This morning, I decided to get a little crazy and try to make one. Turns out it's super easy and quicker than your standard homemade pancakes or waffles. I used food blog search, and found one by someone named Amy, so that's the one I picked. Next time, I definitely would add some sugar to the batter, maybe a needed just a little sweetness. It was also not that big even though it says it serves 2, so we were expecting to have to supplement the bfast....but it was surprisingly filling! I served it with some mixed berries. yum.

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