Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August Garden Update/Lament

I've been hesitant to write about the garden because I'm a little sad about what's going on out there. Nothing's dead, really, but it just looks like it's in shambles.

First, I'll write about the 3 tomato plants, the
cherry and the 2 brandywines (red and yellow). The cherry is a monstrosity. Here it is, toppled over, because I really am at my wits end about how to keep it upright. There's no more space, and I think there is no device in creation that could possibly hold them up vertically. Other than starting over next year and pruning the hell out of these things, I'm pretty resigned to having them look like crap.

It's still really, really prolific though, so that's nice.. I forgive it for being uglyish.

The brandywines are another story. They're both relatively happy and healthy-ish looking (red on the left, yellow towards the middle, crazy big cherry on the right).

I'm most concerned about the yellow, which shows no signs
at all that it's going to give me any tomatoes this summer. Defiant little sucker! The red one has already produced 3 or 4 little guys, but I had to get rid of them because they fell victim to black bottom (My own name for it. Some self-explanatory tomato disease). We adjusted the drip schedule a while back because I read that the blackness could be caused by too frequent watering.

Now it has a few more lil tomatoes here and there, which I'm happy about because it's my favorite variety, but still sad that there are only 2 or 3. One of my main goals was to save money by NOT buying the expensive brandywines at the farmers' market, since we'd have our own. Hmmm...

In other news, we have cukes (lemon and regular) and eggplants that seem to be doing alright, but are every day more and more dwarfed by the ever-growing tomato plants, and may not be getting as much sun as they deserve.

I'll reflect more on this at the end of the season maybe, but I fault myself for not feeling great about how the garden's going. Yes, it's all a learning experience, and next year will be better, just like this year is so much better than last. But I could have taken more time to maintain the bed so it looks nicer and is more appealing to spend time around. The whole yard looks like crap now, and it's mostly because I didn't take the time to water plants when I should have (not talking about the veggies in the bed, which are watered with drip) or drag a rake through the yard to get all the dead leaves and flowers from the catalpa tree that are now blanketing the yard. Oh well.

The pear tree's doing well! Not that I can take ANY credit for that, it maintains itself. Last year, we foolishly wasted all the pears because we waited too long to harvest them. This year, I'm all paranoid that I'm going to wait too long and make the same mistake, but am afraid to pick some because they still look kinda small and I think it may be too early. I don't remember them getting much larger than they are now last year though, so maybe tomorrow I'll try to pick one and see what happens! I wonder if I need to ripen them in a paper bag like the ones from the supermarket?

I just read back through what I wrote above, and I can't really put my finger on why I'm feeling disappointment. I'm often hard on myself for no reason, could that be it?!

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(wife.) said...

um, YES, because I am so envious of your garden!!!!! It looks great to me. :-) And yay pears!

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