Monday, July 07, 2008

Why? Why?????? am I Blogging?

I have some time on my hands this summer. I'm only working 20 hours a week. So, before my life explodes into "full-time +" busy-ness this Fall, I decided that I wanted to take advantage of this time to actually do something I've been claiming (or threatening?) to do for years.

I want to delve into the world of cooking, actually teach myself a thing or 2 that I can carry with me into the vast unknown future, and do it all with a smile on my face cuz I'm silly like that. At the heart of this goal is my love for local, fresh, and/or organic produce. I claim to be obsessed with the
Lane County Farmers Market, but I'm all talk. I often walk away with less in my bag than I'd like, and arrive home disappointed and unsure of how to use what I did buy. This happens because a) I don't have a plan, and b) it's just all so overwhelming and I can't decide which of the 17 spinach vendors I want to buy the spinach from, so I forfeit the damn spinach. I think I got off the topic a little bit...but dammit, this is my blog, and no one's reading it (hi Andy and Wendy!) I can do that!

My idea here is to collect everything I do and learn (idealistic much?!) in one place, so I can have an easy reference to recipes I've liked and even see pictures of successes. As a natural extension of that, I'm hoping to write about the progress in my garden, though I kind of missed the boat on taking pictures while the babies (gah, the plants) were having adolescent growth spurts. I was kind of busy getting married. It all ties together (food + garden = yum), so I want to take as much advantage as I can of my future produce babies (let's hope they make it full-term).

I've had dozens and dozens of food blogs in my Google Reader for over a year now, but only in the last week or so have I actually started paying acute attention to what they all say. There is so much to learn, and I can't wait! I also have a healthy-sized cookbook collection, which I love in theory, but don't show a lot of love to in practice. Definitely on the to-do list. Maybe I'll do one of those crazy-ass food blog challenges where the blogger cooks a recipe a day until an entire cookbook has been made. Seriously, it's been done.

Andy and I have been so blessed to receive a crapload of new kitchen stuff as wedding gifts. We have the most pimped-out beginner's kitchen ever. This is another reason why this is such a great time for me to take on this endeavor. I have all the supplies I need to plunge head-first into foodieland and never look back. Ok maybe I'll look back at the food processor instructions a couple times.

A mini sub-goal I have is to figure out the whole cooking vs. baking dichotomy. I love them both, but have always tended to kick major ass at baking effortlessly, while I have to try a little harder with the cooking. Curious to see what I learn.

This blog is:
*A forum for me (and hopefully occasionally Andy) to post our musings about food, garden, and whatever else strikes my fancy.
*Will collect things I've cooked and things I want to cook.
*Possibly a place to reflect on our recent wedding and how much it kicked ass
*A way for me to improve my sorely lacking photography skills
*Just... a journal.
*Finally....I am not one of "those" people who dresses up her dog and throws parties for him and writes about him on her blog. Oh wait. Yes I am!

This blog is not (note: this is how I feel today. I am also very fickle.):
*Something for my Mom to oooh and aah over and show everyone she knows
*A way to fine-tune my crappy, out-of-practice writing skills
*An aspiration to invent new recipes or cooking techniques

Wow, that was long. Wooooohooo I have a purpose in life!!!

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