Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tales from Amy's Garden, Parte Dos

So, we constructed.

And we lined.

Then we got really, really dirty.

The pear tree was in full bloom, and kept us company while we worked.

While all this was going on, I was getting excited about veggies...and my dear then-fiance was getting excited about drip irrigation. At first, I was really skeptical about what I judged unnecessary labor and expense... Boy, was I wrong!

Seriously, this drip system not only makes the gardening virtually effortl
ess, it boosts the plants into gigantic, mutantly vigorous superveggies. I haven't done any controlled trials, so I don't know if they would have grown into superveggies had I watered them normally... or no matter what, since they're getting good sun. Regardless, I'm glad to attribute their health to Andy's labor of love.

A good view of the drip system (and teensy seedlings on 5.17.08):

3 Weeks post-planting (6.7.08):

And today:

I know it looks super messy and unkempt, but I swear there's a method to my madness.

We have, for our eating pleasure:
*3 Tomatoes (Red brandywine, yellow brandywine, and sweet million cherries)...can you tell I'm a brandywine fan? No picture necessary, they're the ginormous things taking over everything. They outgrew the stakes...and me. Of course more pictures to come once actual tomatoes arrive.

*1 eggplant

*6 celery (celeries? big experiment, I have no clue how to grow these)

*6 peas (photo marred by giant mutant broccoli leaf)

*6 broccoli

*Basil (genovese)

*2 cukes (lemon and regular)


Sorry for the messy pictures, the Catalpa tree is in full bloom right now (doh, didn't snap a pic of it) and is raining ugly dead flowers on the whole yard.

Strawberries, pears, herbs, rainbow chard, and figs are thriving elsewhere in the garden:

We had spinach but I yanked it before we could use it because it went to seed SO quickly and was overtaking everything. The onions died too; I think I did it wrong.

That's the story of how our veggie garden came to be...I can't wait until we have more real live veggies!

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(wife.) said...

OMG you're a freakin' genius. Please come back to Ithaca and help our poor yard!!!

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