Thursday, July 10, 2008

My One-Track Mind

My's lost somewhere in that big yellow book. You know, the one with the recipes. I keep feeling like I need to justify my choice of continuing to cook from Bittman, but I really don't. I obviously can't say enough about how much I like Mark Bittman. I actually got another one of his books as a wedding gift too:

Now that I've committed to cooking more, I don't really have much of a desire to stray from these books (for now, of course). Here's why: the world of recipes, especially with food blogs and the internet, is mindblowing. Too overwhelming. Literally hundreds of options for each highly specific dish you might want to make. Poking around Bittman's books, I can learn foolproof basic techniques and gain confidence riffing off of his recipes, because he gives permission for that. I can relate to his writing style, and I feel like he has my best interests in mind as a chef. So, for the forseeable future at least (which, FYI, is a few days at most!), this is going to be the Bittman project. And I'm really excited about that.

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(wife.) said...

I want the paperback version of HTCE. Our hardcover copy has food all over it. :-)

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